Spores mushroom spores syringes psilocybe mushrooms with edible mushroom prints spore syringe.

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Mushroom Spores Bank - Mushroom Spores Bank - mushroom spores syringes psilocybe mushrooms and edible in mushroom prints or spore syringes.
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SYRINGES AS LOW AS $4.49! Tracking number with every order. Welcome to Spores and Mushroom Spores Bank! Spores and Mushroom Spores Bank - spores mushroom spores syringes psilocybe mushrooms and edible in mushroom prints or spore syringes!


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Welcomeelcome to Mushroom Spores Bank! We are the leading USA supplier of high-grade exotic mushroom spores specimens and mushroom spore syringes for use in mycological study and research. We also stock premium edible and gourmet varieties for home and culinary use. Mushroom Spores Bank has set industry benchmarks in areas of spore concentration ratios, purity, and sterility. With funding from major post secondary institutions, we have been able to effectively build one of the most sophisticated spore processing labs in the USA. All of our spore varieties are innocuous/harmless and are 100% GUARANTEED against any sort of contamination. Our mission is to provide accessible spores to both professional researchers and hobbyists alike.
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What type of Mycologist are you? What's new in the field?
Hobbyist The Hobbyist
You like to grow mushrooms from mushroom spores or fun! Going on the occasional mushroom hunt to pick some goodies for dinner is one of your preferred recreational activities. Fungi fascinates you and you grow them for food, novelty value, and decor.
Researcher The Researcher
You're an expert in the field of Mycology and you're always looking for more perfect specimens to study and culture in the lab. You seek the medicinal properties of fungi and study the spores carefully under a microscope's lens.
Chef The Chef
Cooking gourmet mushrooms is one of your specialties, and growing them on your own is a priority. The wonderful nutty mushroom flavours permeate your cooking and your guests find themselves coming back for seconds!
Researcher The Entrepreneur
You have learned that growing mushrooms in mass quantities is easy with the right tools. You want to find the optimal way to grow tons of the biggest and most flavourful mushrooms in the least amount of time for your clients!

*Disclaimer: The purpose of this web site is to provide information. The authors provide the information "as is" and cannot be held responsible for errors in the content of this site. It is not the intention of the authors to encourage people to break the law or to promote the use of illicit substances. Purchasing our products indicates that the buyer is legally able to do so and is over 18 years of age. Spores and spore products are intended for microscopy use ONLY. Psilocybe and Panaeolus spores may be illegal to possess in California, Idaho, or Georgia without the proper permissions. All featured mushroom photos originate from JXMI Labs in Westmoreland, Jamaica.
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