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Catalog Main > Spores for Microscopy > Growing Supplies & Tools > Sterilized Super MycoJar Kits
New Injection Port Technology
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Sterilized Super MycoJar Kits

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TWO MycoJars (+$9.00 USD)
SIX MycoJars (+$45.00 USD)

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These MycoJars DO NOT BREAK in shipping like glass jars do!!!

NEW: Now fortified with PEANUT MEAL for extra large mushroom crops!

Also, these Super MycoJars PRODUCE! You can even fruit your mushrooms RIGHT OUT OF THE MycoJar! Every Super MycoJar comes with a filter breather to allow for sterile gas exchange. Just inject the spores or culture from a clean syringe right through the FILTER BREATHER!
The filter will self seal to help prevent contamination!

A mixture of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate along with trace minerals is added to every Mycojar, insuring that you get the best quality for your dollar. After the mycelium has colonized the Super MycoJar, you may then take off the top and allow the mushrooms to grow right from the jar! Or you may take out the mycelium cake and fruit it in our MycoKit fruiting chamber! Also, you may take the mycelium cake and spread it around as mushroom spawn!

The Super MycoJar EXCLUSIVELY from the University Scientific family now brings the wonderful world of CONVENIENT mycology and mushroom production to the amateur and professional mycologist alike.

All MycoJar products are 100% guaranteed against pre-inoculation contamination for your shopping safety. The Super MycoJar is arguably the EASIEST and FASTEST product to use when growing any grain loving mushroom! We're sure that you will LOVE them.

Includes 1cc Pleurotus (Oyster Mushroom) OR Morchella (Morel Mushroom) spore or culture syringe.

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Rated: Rated: 5/5
Received my package very quickly. Super satisfied!!!
These Are GREAT!!!!!!!!
Rated: Rated: 4/5
These are really really great jars! Works fast!
Ssuper FAST!
Rated: Rated: 5/5
Excellent colonizers!
Easy and relabel.
Rated: Rated: 5/5
Ordering was easy. Shipment was fast.
Sporebank is by far the best.
truly surprised!
Rated: Rated: 5/5
I ordered these a few days ago, was a little worried after reading some negative reviews on a few sites about you alls products. well i can honestly say that i was surprised at how fast the package came and at the condition of the items. nice hookup on the afghani seeds. will do biz again!
love em
Rated: Rated: 5/5
things things are so simple they rock.
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Catalog Main > Spores for Microscopy > Growing Supplies & Tools > Sterilized Super MycoJar Kits

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